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ForestWind Siberians moved to Pittsburgh, PA in Summer 2022.  

For many years ForestWind has been a small, cage free, feline friendly Siberian Cat Breeder dedicated to ensuring our Siberians are happy and healthy,  while we worked to ensure the preservation of the aboriginal Siberian catWe nurture our kitten families, breeders, and cat caregivers with factual, down to earth information on topics of interest and support.    

We take our ForestWind Siberians' health so seriously that we provide a comprehensive genetic health warranty that additionally includes FIP.  

Our adult breeding cats are scanned by a Board Certified Veterinary Small Animal Internal Medicine Specialist (WHEW, that's a mouthful!), for HCM and PKD.  We follow our retired adult cats' health for life.  We test our breeding Siberians with Optimal Selection for all the known genetic diseases, and some coat traits. In addition to rabies and distemper vaccinations, all of our adult cats are kept current on their FELV vaccines so that your kitten is sure to be born feline leukemia negative. 

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Enjoy browsing our website to learn about Siberian kitten and cat care;  feline health; and what that "hypoallergenic" stuff really means. 

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After Many Years of Rescue, We Decided to Breed. 

Our many years of sad experiences with the death of one sick rescue cat after another led our family to the healthy and hypoallergenic Siberian cat. As a cat allergic family with asthma issues, the Siberian breed has been a whole new wonderful world! 

Breeding hypoallergenic cats does not deprive rescue / shelter cats of homes.  Most of our ForestWind Siberians were placed into allergic or asthmatic pet homes.  Folks who have cat allergies are unable to adopt a shelter cat .  We also find that folks employed in educational, health, and other service fields can be concerned about carrying fel d-1 into work on their clothing and hair that cause distress to cat allergic patients, students, or clients.